The Hot Head Story

Hot Head Burritos® was founded by Cynthia Wiley and Raymond Wiley. Ray has been a franchisee of a major restaurant chain for over 25 years and has been managing his own multi-unit restaurant company for many years. Cynthia was a paralegal. They had a desire to create a franchise concept with the franchisee in mind.

In October of 2006, the team set out to design an efficient, modern, competitive concept. The concept needed to be sharp, have great food, great decor and efficient operations. Overall it needed to be a great competitor in the Quick Serve Mexican category. The concept had to appeal to customers with "awesome" food and a "cool" inviting atmosphere. It had to appeal to franchisees with careful, thought out operations and a clear, detailed operations manual with a focus on financial efficiencies.

After months on the drawing board for Ray and months in the kitchen for Cynde, the concept came to life in March of 2007, welcoming lines of happy repeat customers. Ray says, "I knew we had something when the lines of people reached the door for hours."

Hot Head Burritos quickly became a contender in the Quick Serve Mexican food segment. As of July of 2015, there will be 63 Hot Head Burritos open and many more in development. Ray says as he looks into the hundreds of emails received from potential franchisees, "There's no telling how big this thing will become."

Who's Leroy?

We are not exactly sure when or where it started, but at some point the lovable smiley face in our logo got dubbed Leroy. One way or another it stuck, and ever since then, that's been his name.

We love him.
Kids love him.
We hope you do too!


October 2006
We begin designing the concept and developing the menu and recipes.
March 2007
Our first location opens in Kettering, OH with lines to the door for hours.
October 2007
Seven months later our second location opens in Huber Heights.
Summer 2008
We open two more locations in the greater Dayton area.
Summer 2009
We add three more locations and named "the next big chain" by
December 2009
Our first franchise location opens in Troy, OH just days before Christmas!
Three more locations open, including franchises in Florence, KY, and Greenville, OH.
#41 Top 100
Total locations: 11
Ten locations open across Ohio, Kentucky and Pennsylvania and we are featured in QSR Magazine's "Ones to Watch".
Total locations: 21
We open a location almost every other week with more on the way.
Total locations: 42
Eight more locations open across Ohio and our first one is in the works for Florida.
Total locations: 50
Seven new cities now have their very own HHB with several more in development.
Total locations: 59
Our second Florida location opens along with 3 more in Ohio and locations in New England and Las Vegas on the horizon.