Hot Head Burritos Sauces


Make it as Mild or Wild as you like!

Try one of our sensational sauces, ranging from mild to wild, on your next Burrito or Bowl


Hot Head Sauce

Hot Head Sauce

Our signature zesty garlic Hot Head Sauce is a fan favorite made with a secret blend of herbs and spices that gives it just the right amount of heat and adds amazing flavor to your burrito, bowl, taco, nachos or quesadilla!

Great on: Everything!!

Zesty Kick


STEP 1  Burrito or Bowl
STEP 2  Rice & Black Beans
STEP 3  Chicken
STEP 4  Corn
STEP 5  Banana Peppers
STEP 6  Hot Head Sauce
STEP 7  Monterey Jack

BURRITO  Calories: 941  Fat: 38g  Protein: 47g  Carbs: 117g
BOWL  Calories: 631  Fat: 31g  Protein: 39g  Carbs: 65g


Honey BBQHoney Bar-B-Q

A savory, smoky BBQ sauce with just the right amount of tangy sweetness.
Heat: Zero
Great on: Chicken or Pork


Cool, creamy Ranch dressing. Try it instead of sour cream for a new twist.
Heat: Ziltch
Great on: Chicken or Steak

Sweet HabaneroSweet Habanero

A fan favorite that's all sweet and none of the heat. Gotta try this one!
Heat: Nada
Goes on: Anything!

Taco SauceTaco Sauce

Traditional spices and seasonings combined to create a familiar favorite.
Heat: Super mild
Great on: Barbacoa

Buffalo SauceBuffalo Sauce

A full-flavored sauce with the perfect blend of cayenne pepper and garlic.
Great on: Chicken or Pork

Tabasco ChipotleTabasco Chipotle

A smooth, smoky pepper sauce made from smoked red jalapeno peppers.
Great on: Steak

Cholula Hot SauceCholula

A delicious blend of piquin peppers, chile arbol and signature spices.
Great on: Barbacoa

Extreme HabaneroExtreme Habanero

A spicy sweet combination that is sure to fire up your taste buds.
Great on: Chicken

Straight HabaneroStraight Habanero

The name says it all! Bold fiery flavor and intense habanero heat.
Great on: Everything!


Hot Head Sauce

Sweet Habanero

A fan favorite that brings all of the sweet and none of the heat, Sweet Habanero goes great on our marinated, grilled chicken or tender, slow cooked pulled pork. If you like things sweet and spicy, try our Extreme Habanero sauce.

Heat: All sweet, no heat!
Great on: Anything!!

Sweet No Heat


STEP 1  Burrito or Bowl
STEP 2  Rice & Black Beans
STEP 3  Chicken or Pork
STEP 4  Pico & Corn
STEP 5  Onions
STEP 6  Sweet Habanero Sauce
STEP 7  Monterey Jack & Sour Cream

BURRITO  Calories: 1022  Fat: 41g  Protein: 49g  Carbs: 127g
BOWL  Calories: 712  Fat: 34g  Protein: 41g  Carbs: 75g