Get Wild

Nacho Average Nachos

These are not your average Nachos. We start off with crunchy white corn tortilla chips, smother them in our amazing zesty queso, and then add your choice of fresh toppings and sensational sauces for an extra ordinary Nacho experience!


Hot Head Burritos Menu


Burritos, Bowls, Tacos, Nachos, Quesadillas and Kid Meals made fresh with your choice of amazing toppings and sauces.
Hot Head Burritos Fresh Healthy


Whether you're counting calories, watching carbs or looking for gluten free options, we've got you covered.
Hot Head Burritos Locations


Find the location nearest you in Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Florida and now Michigan.



Hot Head Burritos Sauces


Try one of our sensational sauces, ranging from mild to wild, for a fantastic flavor you won't find any where else!
Hot Head Burritos Catering


Let us cater your next event with everything you need to build your favorite Bowls, Tacos or Nachos.
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Find out more about our Area Developer and Restaurant franchise opportunities available in your area. 



Hot Head Burritos Sweet No Heat

Do You Like It Mild?

Try our marinated, grilled chicken or slow cooked, pulled pork with savory Sweet Habanero sauce. Sweet Habanero brings all the sweet and none of the heat.


Hot Head Burritos Zesty Kick

Just a Little Wild?

Our zesty garlic Hot Head Sauce and mouthwatering chicken brings just the right amount of heat and is one of our most popular flavor combinations.


Hot Head Burritos Melt Your Face Off

Or Crazy Wild?

If you really want to crank up the heat and take a walk on the wild side, try our spicy chicken or spicy steak with our fiery Straight Habanero sauce.

Make it as mild or wild as you like!

Try one of our sensational sauces on your next burrito or bowl!